Our work involves helping people to achieve an excellent quality of life, good shape and high performance at work and sports using a methodology called DeRose Method.


DeRose Method consists of concepts and techniques to improve your overall quality of life and performance. The ancient techniques and concepts are learned through practical classes and talks, that will improve your awareness of good nutrition, stress management and help you develop muscle tone, flexibility, focus, stability, breathing and much more.

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Good Human Relations
Good Nutrition
Good Manners
Quality of Life
Good Culture


Concentration & Meditation
Breathing Re-eduction
Stress Management
Body Awareness
Muscle Tone

The DeRose Method is a collection of ancestral techniques and concepts that emphasise overall quality of life, good manners, good human relations, good nutrition, good physical conditioning and culture. We teach how to make high performance a lifestyle using tools like: organic body techniques, respiratory re-education, stress management and much more. We teach how to build a foundation to carry the idea of high performance, self-knowledge and sense of well being into the realm of daily life with concepts covering nutrition, good human relations, philosophy and more. All of this, ultimately, aims to expand ones consciousness and self-awareness.

The institution supports worldwide social welfare efforts, promoting equality in food, clothing and blood drives. Together we have a special opportunity to create positive change in the world around us. In parallel to social welfare efforts, our representatives teach free classes open to the general public in parks, gardens, and beaches around the world, wherever the DeRose Method is taught.


Professor DeRose has been an educator and writer for over fifty years, covering subjects such as philosophy, self-knowledge, well-being, etiquette, nutrition, and fiction. He has written more than twenty works which have been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

He started teaching at the young age of sixteen and traveled to India for 24 years. His largest and most renowned work is the codification of Pre-classical Yôga, which had been mostly lost in time. His work is considered one of the greatest modern day contributions to the preservation of this ancient philosophy known as Yôga. He recovered the remnants of Pre-Classical Yôga without adding, suppressing or westernising anything.

Prior to DeRose’s work, Pre-Classical Yôga had never been systemised and was largely absent of any formal recognition or registry. It may have never been systemised because life, during the pre-classical time period, was less complicated and thus no one was concerned with foundations, technicalities or differentiating it from anything else.

Nevertheless, after over five thousand years of history, we feel that the systematisation of the Pre-Classical Yôga is necessary in order to distinguish it from more modern forms and explain it in a clear and documented manner.
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