Hello there, I’m writing to you again. It’s still a bit of a struggle to write a post every week, but I’ve decided totally to embrace that struggle – and it actually feels good. Read on to find out why :).

You may have already heard people say that struggle is good, and that you should embrace it completely. Realistically, though, it’s not so easy. To make it more attainable, I think we need to change how we consider the difficulties in our lives. For example, when I teach practical classes in the DeRose Method, classes involving challenging body positions as well as developing strength and stretch, some of my students grumble, “Oh but that’s so painful!” My answer is always the same: “What you’re feeling shouldn’t be understood as pain, but as mild discomfort!” What I try to make them understand is that it’s they who are in control, and that the positions will be really beneficial for their health. I also tell them to smile and to try to make their bodies understand that what’s happening is something genuinely good for them. This way of looking at things is one we can use in many different areas in our lives. It helps us understand that it’s perfectly normal to struggle with problems, and that failure and mistakes are all part of the process of achieving things that matter.

Interestingly enough, by and large we can take control of most of the stresses and difficulties in our lives. We can make them bigger, or we can make them smaller. We should take advantage of this capability, and take responsibility for most of the things that come our way. For example, putting up with the hassle of changing career is surely better than persisting in working on something you can’t stand. I’m happy to take the trouble to look after myself, exercising, eating well, checking my family health records, even taking DNA tests to discover potential health problems, and taking measures to prevent them. I’d rather do all these things now, than have to cope with treating a disease later on. Taking certain steps involving mild discomfort now is worth it: they can save us from much greater pain in the future.

Nowadays, I think, most of us lead very comfortable lives, in warm, comfortable homes, with plenty of food – and loads of superfluous possessions. So much of what we buy is based on desire rather than necessity. We self-indulge a lot – or at least I feel like I do! We continually push away the notion of discomfort, but it’s so important to realise that discomfort is part of life, that it’s actually beneficial to us. Adventures out of our comfort zone are good. They help us to grow, and to use the creative parts of our minds. I agree with my supervisor Professor DeRose when he says, ‘Obstacles and difficulties are part of life, and life is the art of overcoming them.” So when a struggle comes your way, use your art on it, live it, embrace it, and let it make you stronger – and possibly happier as well.

With Love,


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