Hello I am back, working on my challenge to keep blogging once a week, talking about how to enhance our quality of life, performance at work and sports and personal development. So, I am working to make this change in my life, writing a blog, a permanent and positive thing :).

Last week I said that changing brands of the products you use is a good thing for your health. I said this because all the products we use, all the food we eat and all the liquids we drink, especially if they are manufactured, can provide a certain amount of nutrients but may also contain toxins. One of the main problems with using and eating the same things over and over again for a long period of time, is that it can cause an accumulation of toxins, and it can even be responsible for some food intolerances. This can be avoided by simply changing the brands of products we use regularly both on our bodies, and for eating. We can also try to eat seasonally using local products (organic when possible).

We could say that there is a basic common sense on the act of changing, as we all know that too much of anything could be bad.

Because we are talking about products we cook with or use on our bodies, I have more two suggestions to help us to keep healthy.

First, we should always read the label of everything we are buying, we should do it all the time until we get used to the brands we are using. The rule of thumb is, the less chemicals in it the better, the less complicated names, which we can’t even pronounce, the better.

Second, think about the products we use on our bodies in this way, if we can eat what we are applying on our skin, then it is ok but if it is not good to eat, it probably won’t be good for our bodies, because the chemicals will be absorbed through the skin. Of course, there will be exceptions, but what I am talking about here are the things that we use on a daily basis, over a long period of time.

So change fits perfectly as a skill to improve our lives in many different levels.

This is me for today. Thank you for reading :). Wow, I managed to finish my second post yeaaahhh!!! Now it is with you, look after yourself, exercise changing what you use and send me your comments, questions and doubts. I would love to know your thoughts and how I can generate more content that is important to you :).


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PS.: Please leave your comments, questions and doubts. They are like oxygen to me, they will help me to create content which is important to you and push me to dive deep into my passion and purpose in live, helping people to improve their quality of life, performance and personal development.

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