Our work involves helping people to achieve an excellent quality of life, good shape and high performance at work and sports using a methodology called DeRose Method.

DeRose Method consists of concepts and techniques to improve your overall quality of life and performance. The ancient techniques and concepts are learned through practical classes and talks, that will improve your awareness of good nutrition, stress management and help you develop muscle tone, flexibility, focus, stability, breathing and much more.

All our students receive unique individualised programs and we review the results every three months with everyone we work with.

Get energised, meet interesting people and have the opportunity to build the best version of yourself in one of our classes. All you have to do is fill out the form below and Luciana will get in touch to arrange the best time for you.

  • I have been going to Luciana’s classes consistently for almost half a year and I only have positive words for her and the methodology she enthusiastically teaches, DeRose Method. DeRose’s methodology provides a comprehensive framework to improve your daily quality of life that not only focus on the body postures, but also in other important areas such as: concentration, relaxation, self-improvement, breathing, etc. However, in my opinion its true differencing factor is its instructor – Luciana is an inspiring, encouraging and caring teacher who challenges you both, physically and mentally. Classes are demanding but worth every single breath and sweat. In addition, the vibe during and after the classes is very relaxed and fun, plus it is great being surrounded by equally curious folks!!! All in all, I strongly recommend DeRose school in Edinburgh to anyone interested (and committed!!!) to improve not only his/her quality of life but also to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals.

    Manuel Peleteiro Fontenla Triathlon Athlete

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