Hello there. I’m back enjoying the struggle to write a blog post a week! To be honest, I love the time I spend writing and sharing with you the ideas which have been helping me with my own personal development and that of my students. And I hope my thoughts and my suggestions will help you too. So, let’s get on with it!

We all know that it takes time to accomplish the really important things in life. They require dedication, hard work, and patience. We all know this, but we’re spoiled in a world of fast food, fast downloads, 24-hour delivery, and a have it all and have it now culture. We get into the habit of thinking that everything in life comes fast and easy. When it doesn’t, we tend to get frustrated and angry, and we give up on our objectives, most of the time, too soon.

When we appreciate that achieving the truly valuable things in life requires an endurance mentality, not a sprint one, we then have to make the right choices about what we actually want. Because once you really know what you want, and that it will take time to achieve it, you’ll put up with the struggle. And because you’re doing something you enjoy, something you’ve set for yourself, you’ll even have some fun while moving towards the goal. For example, if you like running and you decide to take part in a marathon, all that hard training getting ready for the race will be that much easier and more enjoyable because you’re doing something you like. Or if you want to be your own boss and relish the hustling and difficulties involved in starting up and running a business, you’ll have that much more fun with your project.

But how to choose well? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take decisions and stick with them.
  • Understand that there’s no failure, only lessons to learn. Every choice we make, we learn from it. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t. Every decision we make teaches us something, it leads us onto a different path – and as we walk on it, we discover there’s no other way to learn.
  • Don’t waste your time regretting decisions or thinking about how much better it would all have been if you’d only taken another way.
  • Take time to learn a system or methodology to understand yourself better: the better we know ourselves, the better choices we make.

Putting it simply, the secret of enjoying the struggle isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s about being aware of the difficulties ahead, being clear about what you want, and choosing your battles. Of course it won’t be easy and it won’t be fast – but you’ll definitely have fun.

That’s me for today. Thanks for reading. Now it’s up to you: go and decide your goals, making sure they’re connected to what you love doing, to your passion. Then you won’t mind so much the obstacles on the way, because you’ll know they’re all to do with a good cause: your cause, your dream!

With Love,


PS.: Please leave your comments, questions and doubts. They are like oxygen to me, they will help me to create content which is important to you and push me to dive deep into my passion and purpose in live, helping people to improve their quality of life, performance and personal development.


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