Hello, I’m back, happily struggling with my choice of writing a blog – but also having fun with it. So let’s get started! 🙂

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the struggling stuff, about the challenges and the difficulties we all go through in life, especially because right now I’m going through so many changes myself.

As I think about all the obstacles and the narrow zigzag paths that we sometimes get ourselves into, a few ideas come to mind. For instance, if we know exactly what we want, if we know our purpose in life, then all these difficulties seem that bit more bearable. If we assume full responsibility for everything that happens in our life, then we’ve no excuse for complaining. It’s all up to us. We are what and where we are because of decisions we’ve taken ourselves.

For me, the idea of assuming full responsibility for everything that happens in my life can feel a bit overwhelming. At the same time, though, it makes me feel empowered. It means that, if I really want to, I can change things. This perspective on life, the idea that everything is down to my own decisions, invites me to dive deep into all the choices I make every day, in every moment. It’s like getting into a cockpit, sitting in the pilot’s seat, and taking control.

For some people that might seem impossible. You could argue that there are plenty of things in our lives that are beyond our control: a change in the way the country is run, say, or catching an infectious disease, or the end of a relationship. On the one hand, I’d certainly agree, but then again there might be alternatives. Maybe you could move to another country if you don’t like how the government behaves, or take precautions to avoid catching infectious diseases, or pay more attention to relationships. We always have a choice. 

If you take the concept of full responsibility very seriously, it gives you power. It puts you in a very proactive position. First of all, you notice how many of the choices you make are automatic, based on conditioning and preconceptions you’ve picked up during your life. This is when things begin to get interesting. You have to get to know yourself really well to separate out your own likes and dislikes, your own thoughts and ideas, from the likes, dislikes, thoughts, and ideas placed in your head by family, friends, society, and so on.

Once you know yourself better, then comes the next part: taking seriously all the choices you make in your life, and being serious about how you want your life to be. Here’s just one example. Your physical appearance and health are not only due to your genetic inheritance. They’re shaped by the choices you make about the food you eat, the alcohol and drugs you take, the physical exercise you do, how much sleep you get, and how much water you drink. When you know yourself better, and when you make the right choices based on that knowledge, your health and your physical appearance will change for the better.

Taking control of your life and assuming full responsibility for everything that happens in it (including the struggles!) can give you a great sense of power, taking you to a higher level of knowledge and understanding of one very special person: yourself! Now go, get to know yourself better, and have fun! That’s all from me for today, and I look forward to talking to you next week. :).

With Love,


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