It’s exciting to think this way, I know. But for some of us it’s also overwhelming. If the power to be brilliant every day lies in my own hands, that means full responsibility for everything that happens to me is also in my hands, good and bad alike, even failure.

You might say that this feels like a burden. “I’m totally responsible for everything that happens to me?” You might even say it’s impossible. For example, how could you control the weather to stop getting wet when it rains? But I could always stay at home, or I could use an umbrella, and anyway, if I did get caught in the rain, it was my decision to go out at that particular moment to start with.

Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life might look like a burden, but it’s also an empowering feeling. When you think that things happen to you because of an outside force, you’re a victim. But when you step up, take the blame, and say, “This happened to me because of me, because of my own decisions”, you’re empowered. It’s you who’s in charge. If something bad happens and you take responsibility, you can make a better choice next time, and that might lead to a more positive result. You can apply this attitude to all areas of your life: health, finances, relationship, career, and so on. How could you take charge of all of these?

Once you leave victim status behind and take a more proactive stance to your life, once you begin to move forward, it’s crucially important to get to know yourself well. Here’s some thoughts about helping get to know yourself better. 

  • Carefully question everything in your life: Why do you work in the area you do now? Why do you eat the food you eat? Why do you dress the way you do?  What’s your purpose in life? Why do you want to be brilliant every day? Some answers will come easily, others won’t be so straightforward. But keep asking: you might be surprised with what you discover about yourself.
  • Interact with others: it’s a fantastic way to get to know yourself better. Watch how you behave at work, with your friends, your family, your loved ones, even your pets! Do you change the way you behave with others? If you do, how much, depending on who you’re with? You may find out new nuances in your personality, ones you haven’t noticed before.
  • Have as many experiences as you can: take a different route to work, try different types of work, relationships, food, drinks, physical activities. Read different types of books, listen to different types of music, try to learn different languages, travel to other countries. Different situations will give you the opportunity to see how you respond to them. They’ll give you precious insights into yourself.
  • Be in the here and now. Live in the present. With all the experiences I’ve listed above, it’s essential for you to be in the here and now, paying attention to what’s happening around you, and what’s happening in you. Use all your senses during your experiences, sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Be full on in the moment. You’ll enjoy them more, and get more out of them.
  • Have some alone moments. It’s fundamental to have these moments just for yourself. No phone. No computer. Just yourself. (And maybe a piece of paper and a pen!) Take some quiet time to process, to reflect, or just to let your mind wander. Maybe practise meditation – I’m going to talk about that in one of my next blogs.

Getting to know yourself better is a fantastic journey, and it will definitely help you on the way to be brilliant every day. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. See you soon :). 

PS.: Please leave your comments, your questions, and your doubts. They’re like oxygen to me. They help me to create more content that’s important and relevant to you, and they push me to dive deep into my passion and purpose in life: helping people to improve their quality of life and performance in so many different areas.

PS2: I love daisies!

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