A place to develop you as a whole, get energised, meet very interesting people and have the opportunity to build the best version of yourself.

We work with small groups or private tuitions. We think that a more personalised work will promote greater benefits to our members and students.

All our students receive unique individualised programs and we review the results every three months with every one we work with.

The application of the Techniques and Concepts from the DeRose Method have produced results for over 50 years.

To make the world a better place, through constant personal development. Our method values quality of life, joyfulness, using a unique code of behaviour.

– DeRose Method network proposal


    Luciana was born in Brazil and she has always been passionate about well-being, health and life improvement. She has a degree in Physical Education and she started to practise DeRose Method in 1999, soon it has become her way of life. In the year 2000 she decided to move to Scotland, but she managed to keep practising and studying until she found a DeRose Method teacher in London, which could prepare her to become an entrepreneur in the methodology. After many years studying and traveling to attend workshops in London, Paris, Porto, Barcelona and São Paulo, in 2008 she became the first DeRose Method certified entrepreneur in Scotland and in 2012 she opened the first school providing this methodology in Edinburgh.

  • DeRose Method has provided me with a ancient technique to establish a new understanding of my body and an opportunity to expand its potential. Throughout my weekly sessions I have learnt to accept my initial limitations of my body and enjoy my gradual confidence and pleasure in reshaping my body and my own perception of it. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found in this particular method and its instructor in Edinburgh, Luciana, a true inspirational source.

    Antonio Sánchez Lecturer at University of Stirling
  • I started classes with Luciana over 4 years ago when she worked from my local sports centre in Portobello. I had just turned 50 and my aim was to maintain flexibility. However my flexibility improved as did my strength and balance and I followed Luciana to attend classes at her School in Edinburgh New Town where she teaches DeRose Method. I completed a sports and remedial massage course and I saw how what she was teaching tied in with what I had learned on the course and how it improved health and wellbeing further than what excersise and stretching alone would do. Her classes are always enjoyable, hard work but enjoyable and we occasionaly do other stuff like hill walking, sailing, nature rambles, cinema and eating. In fact the ethos of the school could be described as hard work plus fun.

    Lindsay Sedgeworth Sport Massage Therapist
  • I have been going to Luciana’s classes consistently for almost half a year and I only have positive words for her and the methodology she enthusiastically teaches, DeRose Method. DeRose’s methodology provides a comprehensive framework to improve your daily quality of life that not only focus on the body postures, but also in other important areas such as: concentration, relaxation, self-improvement, breathing, etc. However, in my opinion its true differencing factor is its instructor – Luciana is an inspiring, encouraging and caring teacher who challenges you both, physically and mentally. Classes are demanding but worth every single breath and sweat. In addition, the vibe during and after the classes is very relaxed and fun, plus it is great being surrounded by equally curious folks!!! All in all, I strongly recommend DeRose school in Edinburgh to anyone interested (and committed!!!) to improve not only his/her quality of life but also to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals.

    Manuel Peleteiro Fontenla Triathlon Athlete