That first step

Beginning anything is always a bit of a struggle. Sometimes it takes you ages to take that first step, to break the inertia – but you know that, somehow, you’ve just got to start. That’s how I’m beginning this blog. Because I wasn’t born an English speaker, it’s taken me ages to have the courage to start writing. I love writing in Portuguese, but even so, I’ve never showed many people my work. Anyway, it’s a different time now. My passion and my purpose in life have pushed me to get here, to share with you what I’ve learned so far about quality of life, high performance, personal development, and hillwalking. Let’s start!

First things first!

If you want to achieve a goal, have a better quality of life, develop yourself in any field, one thing has to happen. Change. The only thing in life that never changes is change itself – and to cope with change we have to be able to adapt. Darwin makes this very clear: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’ To be able to adapt to different situations, to unforeseen circumstances, to fresh beginnings: that’s important because so often in life there’s no other way, there’s no choice. Things change, and we must change with them.

Two things help a lot with this process of adaptation. The first is to have the will to change, to want to change deeply, for real. The second is to let go of the past, to know that what once was is no longer possible, nor is it of any use in the present moment. With these two points clear in our minds, we’ll be a few steps further along the way to adapt to what’s new in our lives, or what we’ve decided to change.

As a help in coping with change and learning how to adapt to it quickly, I suggest that you exercise the ability to change as much as you can. You might do this by changing the brands you use – as I’ll explain in my next post, it’s good for your health as well. You might change the way you go to work, where you shop, where you eat, and so on. The list of controlled changes you can make in your life is endless. You’ll have many different experiences and you’ll learn new things about your likes and your dislikes. And then you’ll have better self-knowledge and self-understanding.

So I’ve started. This is my first post. It’s now up to you. Go and change something in your life, try out your ability to adapt to something new. This ability will help you countless times over during the whole course of your life. It will have a direct and immediate effect on your personal development. Enjoy change!

With Love,

Luciana 🙂

PS.: Please leave your comments, questions and doubts. They are like oxygen to me, they will help me to create content which is important to you and push me to dive deep into my passion and purpose in live, helping people to improve their quality of life, performance and personal development.

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